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The Denim Debate

The Denim Debate launches today, chronicling and reviewing nearly two dozen pairs of raw denim from cult labels. For neophytes, the site will shed light on the selvedge phenomenon. For denim aficionados, it's essentially indigo-hued porn. We caught up with creator Ryan Plett to find out more.


What's the Denim Debate's goal?

I wanted something that lets you compare and contrast different brands, without spending hours searching forum threads. We're showcasing the journey of "breaking in" a quality pair of raw denim. We're starting with unworn denim and documenting the experience.


Biggest misconception about raw denim?

I'm sure it has something to do with the initial fit and feel. People want jeans to feel soft, comfortable and lived-in, but when they touch dry denim they think it will always feel like sandpaper. It will become softer and feel more forgiving after a few wearings, I promise.


Honestly, what's more rewarding: the custom fit or the telltale custom wallet outline?

That's the beauty of the material—the fit and individualization run hand in hand. It's owning something that is truly yours. The look is completely unique to the individual so the end result is a pair of jeans that fits perfectly and looks great.


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