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Scoring a tie by Figs would be a solid purchase on its own, but the fact that you're helping people just adds to the beauty. To start with, the ties are crafted from silks, cashmeres and wools imported from the United Kingdom and Italy and then hand-sewn by master tailors in New York and Los Angeles. The ties have a timeless quality, ranging in widths from two-and-a-half to three inches. There are also bow ties along with some large, lightweight cashmere scarves like the kind you often see wrapped around the necks of dapper Italian gentlemen. What's more, for each tie sold, the label donates a school uniform to a needy child. The brand's founder, Heather Hasson, is an avid traveler and was in Africa a few years ago when she learned that many kids there weren't able to attend school simply due to a lack of funds needed to purchase a requisite uniform. The decision was simple—when you buy a piece from Figs, a uniform is given to a child in Kenya or Tanzania. Their woven silk (seen here in blue) and featherweight wool (in camel plaid) are two of our favorites for summer. Order one today and consider your good deed for the day done.









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