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  • Olasul takes its name from the Spanish words ola (wave) and azul (blue).

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When Peru's national surf team won last year's World Surfing Games, the timing couldn't have been better for one Peruvian expat: Lorenz Korder-Fort. The designer had just debuted his swimwear line inspired by Peruvians' passion for the sea. "I wanted to reinterpret Peruvian identity, by channeling the modern surf culture there," Lorenz says. "There's a lot more to Peru than the Incas." In fact, surfing came early to the country, imported from Hawaii in the 1930s, and Lorenz says the sport now attracts the kind of zealous following in Peru as soccer in England or football in the US. "It doesn't hurt that surfers get all the girls," he laughs. The line comprises trim board shorts in two lengths and several bold color combos, plus a range of sun-faded tees and sweatshirts. Prices are a bit steep, but reflect the brand's use of top-quality fabrics like Peruvian Pima cotton. Plus, all garments are 100% cut-and-sewn in Peru.


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