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Max Astorbilt
Orient Express

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Maximilian 'Max' Hemingway Astorbilt, is a curious guy. To him, a vacation is not about laying by the pool (though a round of tennis isn't out of the question). Square of jaw and blue of blood, he fancies himself something of an explorer, a hunter of adventure. Ever the discerning traveler, he chooses Orient-Express, which promises unique experiences in more than 23 countries, at their luxe hotels or aboard their iconic trains and river cruisers. An intelligent, albeit slightly neurotic digital strategist, Max doesn't believe in packing light. Here's just a small sampling of what's in his suitcase for a trip to Brazil.


You never know when you may need to fashion a parachute from a pair of pants or identify edible plants.

Fuji X100, $1,199

Though he captures much of his trip on Instagram for his Tumblr, he pulls out this retro rangefinder-style camera when he feels particularly inspired.

The Contents

The key to continental style? Keep 'em guessing. An Italian blazer, cut from a Scottish tartan named after British prince worn in a preppy, American way.

He lives in these chinos. He brings three identical pairs.

Ideal for daily excursions beyond the resort's posh confines, this durable waxed twill backpack is based on a traditional canoe pack.

His father's been using this stuff for ages. And if you're using real shaving cream, then you'd better have a real razor too.

Polarized shades in a classic shape with blonde tortoise frames and a smoky amber tint to the lenses.

Crisp cotton PJs with grosgrain trim and mother of pearl buttons. What else would a gentleman sleep in?

Embroidered with your choice of recreation—from boxing to poker. Max, of course, chose tennis.




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