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Sid Mashburn 2.0

  • Before opening his shop, Mashburn worked at Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and J.Crew.

(Above photo: F.E. Castleberry)

Sid Mashburn's store on the Westside of Atlanta has become something of a menswear Mecca. The one-stop shop—where full canvas construction suits coexist with everyday Levi's 501s and rugged Quoddy moccasins—is the kind of place to which guys with style feel called to visit. Unfortunately, not everyone can make the pilgrimage. But thankfully, they're opening the shop up to the world with a new e-commerce equipped site. We caught up with the man over the weekend to talk shop.


Double monk
strap shoes,

What was the number one thing you wanted to accomplish with ecommerce?

To speak to all the people who have requested that we go online—to simply make our product available to more people in more places. We want to take what we're already doing here in the shop national and even global. We hope our style is not just germane to folks here in the South or in the States. I'd like to share a perspective that allows any given person to be as comfortable in Mississippi as they are in Milan.

And what will we find there?

It's a lot of what is in-store already, plus a few surprises. We've had great success with our current assortment, but our customer is localized in Atlanta. As we get our sea legs, we'll be adding to the mix accordingly. We don't want it to be that the exciting stuff is only in our shop in Atlanta, or only on our website. It will never be exactly the same ... we'd like to excite on both fronts.

Private label
gingham shirt, $145

You're known for your service. Can that be translated online?

Lord, I hope so! Do you have any ideas? We're hoping to have it right, straight out of the gate, but we know that—just like in the shop—that this will be something we're always improving upon with the help of our customers. We want to be responsive to what they're seeing and thinking. Online shopping is just so different from brick-and-mortar. I want an online experience that feels as good as being in our store, but in its own way, for its own, different environment.

Do you do much online shopping?

Oh yeah. Of the approximately ten million browser windows I keep open at any given time, there is usually something I'm itching to buy. Sometimes I'll just think of something out of the blue or hear about something new and think, Gosh, I need that, I'm going to get it. That's what excites me most about the web—the immediacy.

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