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Ray-Ban was founded in 1937 with a lightweight pair of aviator sunglasses. Made of gold-plated metal with mineral glass lenses to filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays, they became standard issue for US Army Air Corps pilots. In '52, they introduced the Wayfarer frames in black acetate. Both styles remain unflinchingly stylish and either frame will suit a multitude of face shapes and look at once both modern and nostalgic. Seventy-five years later, Ray-Ban is still selling them. The very definition of a timeless classic, the designs have remained virtually unchanged and they've gone on to be the best-selling sunglasses in the world. To celebrate their 75th anniversary, the company has produced a limited-edition book, Legends: Untold Stories, out this month, which offers a look back into history and culture through the lens of such influentials as Pharrell, Iggy Pop and Jann Wenner. Unfortunately, while the book may be hard to come by, it's easy to grab some sunglasses and you'll never regret picking up one of these two iconic shades.

    The Re-Issue: For the anniversary, the company has reintroduced its 1978 Ambermatic lenses, which go from yellow to brown as temperature and light conditions shift.

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