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The Denim Transition

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As we move into fall, it's time to start thinking about the shifts in your wardrobe. Perhaps you're looking for some more diversity in your denim lineup, or maybe you're just in need of some new jeans after wearing yours out over the summer. Nico Peyrache, VP of Denim Design at Lucky Brand—known for crafting and washing denim in Southern California for two decades—shares some insights on going beyond your basic blues.

The one pair every guy needs ...

Is a crisp pair of dark denim with a simple, straight leg. It's an American classic that you really can't go wrong with. They're easy to dress up and down because they pair just as well with an old T-shirt and some retro sneakers as they do with a blazer and tie.

But that doesn't mean you have to go raw.

Raw denim is a real commitment, and we've found that our customers like washed jeans—but with a deeper, cleaner wash. But an authentic wash isn't easy. We look at our own jeans, take a pair that's been worn day after day, and replicate that natural wear and tear. We work with the technicians here in LA on dry processes (like sanding and grinding) and we're really excited about waterless o-zone technology, which allows us to create natural-looking fades without the use of water or chemicals.

Don't be afraid of a little color.

When it comes to color, we always aim to have a good range of neutrals like beige, grey or khaki, that are easy for guys to throw on with a basic shirt or tee. Then, we have our more trendy colors—yellow, red or bright blue—that make more of a statement. Just remember, when in doubt, jeans of any color look great with a dark denim or chambray shirt.

And forget the rules about wearing white.

White denim can be worn all year round. Personally, I prefer a slightly dirty-looking "winter white" for fall and winter, and a bright, cleaner "optic white" for the spring and summer.




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