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Simon Spurr

Simon Spurr started his label in 2006 with a line of high-quality slim jeans. Since then, it's evolved into a full-on menswear collection including well-cut suits in versatile colors as well as statement-making shades and bold patterns. We caught up with the British-born designer during Fashion Week for some insight into how to feel more comfortable in suits, and pull off that balance of casual comfort and dressed-up class.


Suits from Spurr's Fall 2012 collection.

For a guy's first suit, where do you fall on button-stance?

Two-button hands down. Three-buttons make your body too long, and one-button is traditionally more of an evening thing. You can't go wrong with a nice, slimming two-button jacket.

You've got plenty of experience making both jeans and suits. How do you mix up the two?

It's got to be appropriate to your individual sense of style and normally, your environment. I think when things look forced, that's when you get into trouble. When guys feel uncomfortable in a suit, it's probably because they've transitioned from a comfortable look to a full, extreme look. You can break it apart and wear the jacket with jeans like I do. Or wear a suit with some simple sneakers. Menswear is moving more towards the suit, but I think it's about finding your own style: you can play with nuances like socks, or ties that have a bit of personal expression, things like that.

You're known for some bold pieces. What tips do you have for guys ready to branch out into patterns?

There are some definite do's and don'ts: obviously the bigger the stripe, the more it accentuates your physique; double-breasted jackets on taller guys are better than on shorter guys. Really, it's just about experimentation and self-confidence. A little British swagger goes a long way.

  • Simon Spurr also serves as a creative consultant for Tommy Hilfiger.








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