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Glen Plaid

Plaid prints have become a common staple of any man's wardrobe, and this fall has seen the resurgence of one of its most regal incarnations.

    President Ronald Reagan received some flak during a 1982 European trip when his glen plaid suit was deemed "unpresidential."
The Details

Glen plaid has a broken check pattern, with a base of black, grey and white lines layered across each other to form a series of irregular checks. The name is derived from Glenurqhart in Scotland, where the Countess of Seafield adopted the large check as the estate tweed in the late 19th century.

Checkered History

When Prince of Wales Edward VIII saw the check at the Seafield estate (where he often hunted), the rakish royal started having his suits and coats cut from a glen plaid fabric interwoven with a subtle streak of blue. He wore it so often, it was nicknamed the Prince of Wales plaid.

How to Wear It

Embrace the boldness of the pattern, but keep in mind that one loud piece speaks volumes. Keep the rest of your kit simple and solid. Pay attention to the color tucked within stripes of the plaid and use that as a color guide for the rest of the pieces in your look. The right usage of glen plaid will have you looking and feeling more like James Bond instead of Pee-Wee Herman.

Suit, $700 by J.Crew

Where to
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Socks, $25
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Tie, $70
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