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ZipFit Denim

Alteration Options
The Waist

Do you have a hard-to-find waist size? Is a 33 a tad too big but a 32 is a bit snug? They can bring in the waistband just enough to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Inseam

Have the legs cut to your exact desired length.

Taper the Leg

This isn't standard, but their tailors can taper the jeans at the ankle for an additional fee and about two weeks to turnaround.

Finish the Hem

The tailors expertly remove the jean's hem, trim the excess length and then reattach the hem to maintain the original look.

It's one of the most important factors to consider when buying jeans: the fit. There's a certain quality of ownership a man possesses for his favorite denim when they fit just right—especially when a well-made pair can last you years. Which is why entrepreneur Liz Kammel has built a business around helping guys achieve that with ZipFit. Using a tech-savvy approach to traditional tailoring, the Chicago-based retailer (and its fully-functioning web shop) offers a lineup of premium  denim brands and promises the perfect fit.

The process begins by inputting your body measurements and personal style preferences. You're soon presented with a range of jeans to choose from. Find the pair that works for you and then you're able to have them altered to your exact measurements. Want to go beyond the standard set of alterations and have a slight taper added near the ankle for a cleaner, more modern look? Their in-house team of tailors can accommodate you for an additional fee. Besides that, the entire process is free of charge and so is the shipping. You simply pay for the denim. In short: it's an easy and affordable way to secure a quality pair of jeans with a personalized fit.

Straight-leg American made selvedge jeans, $198 by Earnest Sewn

A Note on Shrinkage
Yes, jeans tend to shrink slightly in the wash. But they'll also stretch out with each wear as well. On first try-on, they should be snug, but you should be able to get your finger in between your waistband and your boxers. Don't worry, they'll soon feel much more accommodating.
    Regular orders take about a week to receive, altered specifically to your measurements and shipped directly to your door at no charge.
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