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Three Shoe Brands to Know

Looking for something beyond the basics when it comes to your sneakers and other warm weather shoes? Here are a few relatively new footwear labels that we suspect will be making their mark in the near future. Get in on the ground floor now with these three sharp styles.


Mogado chukkas, $142


These moccasin-stitched chukkas are on a mission. Oliberté is a brand that's making shoes and jobs in Africa. Crafted using locally-sourced leathers, soled with natural crepe rubber and cleverly lined with soft, breathable goat leather, the shoes are stitched in Ethiopia at a factory that pays its artisans a living wage. The standout from their latest collection? These rustic, lightweight chukkas that are available in a range of colors in either leather or suede.

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Leather high tops, $320
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The Dutch have a particular talent for simple, straightforward design with a laser focus on quality and luxurious materials. ETQ was founded a few years ago in Amsterdam with the goal of developing shoes that are clean, cool and contemporary. The brand's signature kicks may be minimal and monochrome, but they're not austere. In fact, the cushy white-soled sneakers are some of the freshest we've seen in a while.


Now here's a worldly shoe. J.Crew's buyers unearthed this cult French label that researched a historic American shoe and then had it made in Japan. Anatomica's shoemakers analyzed every detail of a canvas deck shoe Sperry Top-Sider once made for the US Navy during World War II. They then improved the design with a comfortable insole and a streamlined shape for a simple yet stylish sneaker that's ideal for the sockless summer season.









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