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Kurt Yaeger

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You'd probably hate Kurt Yaeger if he wasn't so damn likable. He's one of those guys who's good at everything—he's both a professional athlete and an actor who's been known to do his own stunts. In his free time, he volunteers with a handful of charities. Of course, you may know him as fan favorite "Greg, the Peg" on FX's hit show Sons of Anarchy. The amputation is real—Yaeger's left leg was amputated below the knee after a serious motorcycle accident in 2006. But he's never let a detail like that get in the way of being a badass. We caught up with Yaeger, an avid traveler for both work and play, to find out what he needs when he hits the road.

The Bag

waxed canvas weekender
, $485

"I have a great bag from Mulholland that I travel with everywhere. It's made in America and it's really a nice piece, made very well. I've thrown it, stepped on it, spilled liquid on it and all of it just gives the bag more character."


Billy Reid blazer, $625

"When I go to shoot a new film project or travel for a festival, I make sure to bring along my trusty cotton sports coat, which turns a plethora of under-classed clothes into event-acceptable wear—it's like magic."

The Contents

Kiehl's Oil Eliminator moisturizer, $27
and Facial Fuel face wash, $8

"I always pack my products from Kiehl's. They have a range that's ideal for rugged guys. They smell great
but, you know, are guy-appropriate and they work well, too."

Truman razor


Petzl headlamp, $45

"I always pack essential gear like my headlamp. I also make sure to bring some aspirin, bug spray and a physical map of the region where I'll be traveling."


of California backpack

Known as bugout bags, these durable rucksacks have the capacity and organization to carry enough gear and supplies for several days. "You know, just in case you have to split quick."

Next stamp for your passport?

"Probably the United Kingdom. I may be spending more time in London soon for work, which would be great. It's an amazing city, with really good public transit. Just buy an Oyster card and you can pretty much be anywhere in the city for cheap. Plus, you get your exercise, too. Can't do that in L.A."

Jack Spade polarized
, $168


"If I plan on riding bikes, whether road, mountain or BMX, I make sure to pack my Bern helmet. They're comfortable, breathe really well and fit perfectly. Plus Bern's brand manager, Josh Walker, is a cool cat who lives the life to the fullest, and we have common interests in sports and lifestyles. Depending on the trip, I'll even bring my favorite Specialized bike. Especially if I can hit up a favorite spot like Transgression Skatepark in the UK. What a great place with amazing people working there.

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