Al Pacino is a legendary badass in many of his movie roles, but if you haven't seen him play the real life tough guy Frank Serpico in the eponymous 1973 film, you're missing out. Based on a true story, it's about an undercover cop in New York City who works for the better part of a decade to expose corruption in the police force. Soft spoken and stoic, Serpico wasn't afraid to stand out from the others officers, in all matters. Notorious for his unorthodox style, he didn't dress like the other cops but blended in perfectly on the street. Costume designer Anna Hill Johnstone, who also outfitted Pacino on the Godfather trilogy, perfectly captures the gritty style of a former military man who lived in the Village when New York was a pretty rough place. What's more, the look couldn't be more current—from the relaxed shirting and casual outerwear to the slightly exotic touches of pattern accented with a bohemian beard—feel free to borrow away.