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Lunis is back at it again. Specializing in stylish American-made adventure wear, the California-based label made some waves this summer with their first project—a stylish and subtle reflective jacket that caught the eye of KickStarter's fan base. And they're riding that wave of success into their second product. Dubbed the Apollo Pants, the tailored performance trousers are the most unjean-like jean out there. Boasting a slew of teched-out details, the pants have certainly resonated with the audience, surpassing the campaign's goal in just a few days.



Hidden seam pocket




Spill proof


Gusseted crotch for added range of motion


Reflective design inside the right cuff's hem


The specs are what really set these apart. A modern twist on the traditional five-pocket style, there's a hidden zipper pocket on the hip seam as well. The material is a breathable mix of nylon, polyester and elastane with a 4-way stretch, which means they are ridiculously comfortable. Not only that, but they sport Schoeller dryskin fabric that will wick moisture away from your skin. "Our audience is mainly young professionals who live in NY/SF/PDX/LA that lead active lives," says founder and designer Brett Clouser. "They commute to the office in the morning by bike and head off into the outdoors over the weekend."

Perhaps one of the most impressive details is the Nanosphere finish applied to each pair, which means they are self cleaning. "It's nice because they really could be the only pair of trousers you pack when you travel," says Clouser. Since they're versatile enough to wear rock climbing and to go drinking at the bars, it won't matter if mud gets on them or your buddy spills his eight dollar beer all over your leg. Just rinse it right off with water.


Back the Project

Pledge $158 (25% off the retail price) to score a pair of the Apollo Pants
in your choice of color.

(End Date: Friday, April 4th at 7 pm PST)









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