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Fall '09 from Z Zegna

The Summer of


The high water pants, the ironic facial hair, the bow-ties and bowler hats. It's no wonder Charlie Chaplin has emerged as this summer's style icon. But it's not just the fashion folk taken with America's first movie star. Glen David Gold's new novel, Sunnyside, tells a dramatized story of Chaplin's quick-paced Hollywood lifestyle—and all the pressures, fears and missteps that come with fame. For the real thing, follow Charlie's angel to his former Hollywood residence, an 11-bungalow compound in West Hollywood, where he wrote a handful of films. It was restored and reopened this spring as a luxury hotel dubbed The Charlie. Of course, you could just strap on some suspenders and knot a bow tie. Just don't think about resurrecting the bamboo cane anytime soon.

5' 5"

The height of Charlie Chaplin.

The Charlie, 819 N Sweetzer Ave., LA

Billy Kirk suspenders, $92 at Freeman's Sporting Club

"Sunnyside," $18

Band of Outsiders bow tie, $135

Scala Derby, $40


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