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Tie Week

This week we're celebrating ties—the quintessential accessory in men's style—with five days of goods and tips revolving around your neck.

  • Where to Wear It:
    There's no hard and fast rule. You want to flash a bit of bar when your jacket's closed, but clipping too close to the knot defeats its sole purpose. Position accordingly.


Tie bars and clips have almost become standard on guys who voluntarily wear ties these days. But while the old school, slim sensibility of the ties has caught on over the years, accessories in the neckwear department have been slower to slim down. High end design houses were making tiny tie bars that complimented their cravats, but it was tough to find any in the market (especially for a reasonable price). "Do you know how hard of a time we've had trying to find a manufacturer for those tie bars?" Matt Fox, proprietor of Fine & Dandy Shop mentioned recently when we asked about them. "It took nearly a year to get one made." Thankfully, more and more options are popping up this fall and at pretty decent prices, too.

Fine & Dandy, $25

The Tie Bar, $15

Custom engraved sterling, $25

Gentry, $80 (available this fall)

For Comparison

Standard sterling bar, $24


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