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Burkman Bros., $175


It's time to man up and broaden your sartorial horizons this spring with the exotic ikat patterns and inspired prints that are popping up all over. The defining characteristic of the fabric is its uniquely intricate patterns, the result of a technique in which the warp or weft threads are tie-dyed before being woven. In fact, the very word ikat means to bind. And while the trend has been gaining ground as of late, it's long been a staple of the Burkman Bros. "We love the boldness of ikat prints and are fortunate to have relationships with the artisans who can make the fabrics to our unique specifications," says Ben Burkman, one half of the traveler-inspired label. But he warns: If you want to dabble in the daring style, start small and work your way up. "Often, the ikat's color or pattern is so strong that it should remain the dominate piece in an outfit—keep the rest of your look clean and simple—and let the fabric's details make the statement." After all, the beauty of ikat is to help you stand out, not blend in.

    In the Studio: An iPhone photo by Ben Burkman, from when they were laying out the patchwork ikat for the brand's new reversible shorts (above).








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