Billykirk is celebrating its 15th anniversary this summer. And to commemorate a decade-and-a-half of making hard-wearing, hand-crafted goods in the USA, brothers and co-founders Chris and Kirk Bray are putting together a coffee table photo book featuring the leather brand's well-worn items. After all, leather always looks better with some patina. So how are they getting their hands on all these old beat-up pieces? "We have been rolling out some APB's for all customers who have any old and very worn-in Billykirk items through our social media channels," says Chris. They've already started receiving submissions from past customers and photographer Tatsuro Nishimura is capturing each one's unique, personalized finish from years of use. Some of the submissions are up on their Tumblr now, but it's not too late to participate if you've got an old Billykirk item that you'd like to submit.