Clickworthy Shops

It's a good time to score some quality menswear online.
Herewith, three brand spanking new web shops worth your time or hard-earned money.



Hoping to solve the problem of having to troll eBay for scores on pricey pieces, this brand new resale site specializes in hard-to-find, in-demand and high-end gear. Menswear aficionados looking to unload their footwear (like Aldens and Common Projects) or clothes (from designer labels like Burberry and Robert Geller to more approachable J.Crew and Levi's) post them on the site and you buy 'em at a first-come-first-serve basis. And since you're buying them secondhand, the prices are pretty reasonable and it makes copping those "grail pieces" a whole lot easier and affordable.

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What we're buying: Temple of Jawnz bomber, $275

$500 - $4,000

Average range of men's
monthly online shopping expenditures.

Alex Mill

We first introduced you to Alex Mill's founder Alex Drexler and his laid-back line of comfortable and perfected American staples earlier this fall. Now the entire collection of clothes along with accessories and third-party items are online.

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What we're buying: Sack Jacket, $295


General Quarters

A longtime coming, this small, but well-stocked mercantile/barbershop in Los Angeles opened three years ago, but thankfully is now starting to stock their site with a smart selection of house-label goods along with well-crafted clothes and supplies.

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What we're buying: Archival Clothing roll top bag, $250 and Faribault wool throw, $155


What Men Want

... from Their E-Commerce Sites: When it comes down to it, men want ease of use, lots of details and simple, clear photos. Is that so much to ask for?