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The Swiss Army Knife iPhone Case


Highsnobiety introduces us to a rugged but beautifully designed multi-tool-meets-phone-case. "Aimed to be helpful with everyday tasks, the case features a variety of tools including two precision screwdrivers, two ball point pens, a nail file, a pair of tweezers, a set of scissors and a kickstand for watching lengthy videos."

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A Manly Lint Brush

Cool Material has all the details on a handsome and eco-friendly alternative to the standard adhesive lint roller. This natural rubber lint brush from Kaufmann Mercantile uses static electricity to remove the fuzz. "Each brush is handmade with a German beechwood handle and natural rubber collected from caoutchouc trees."

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Snow Plow

Why shovel snow (or pay the neighbor kid to do it) when you can have a robot do it? "Like an all-weather outdoor Roomba, this Robot Snow Plow takes care of an unpleasant chore while you relax." Where was this when we were kids? Uncrate has the details.

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The Global Internet Radio


With a brushed aluminum face and wood case, Revo's Superconnect radio tunes into standard FM stations but once it's synced to your WiFi, it becomes a portal for streaming music from all over the world and is the first device to use the Spotify Connect function.

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Razor Sharpener

Matt Bell writes on Esquire.com, "The reason razor blades get dull in the first place isn't because your face is made of rock—it's because it gets clogged up with gunk." He then goes on to endorse a new razor blade cleaner and sharpener. It apparently uses the same simple technology barbers have been using for decades to keep their blades sharp.

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