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Shinola's been killing it lately, delivering all sorts of enviable and lust worthy items to the menswear market. The Wall Street Journal, looking to find out what makes the brand tick, hit up creative director Daniel Caudill for their "20 Odd Questions" series. They cover everything from the beauty of American-made products to the importance of quality craftsmanship, along with a few of his favorite things, which range from Ford's F-150 pickup truck and Alden shoes to American Apparel T-shirts.


I own a ridiculous number of:

Alden shoes. I have a real passion for well-made things, and Aldens epitomize that. They last forever and are as comfortable as sneakers to me. I have a pair that I wore every single day for a year, which would destroy most shoes, but the Aldens almost get better with age.

The item I wear most is:

An American Apparel T-shirt. I wear one every day. They fit really well and last forever. They're one thing I know I can rely on. If I am in another city and I need some clothes, I can get a few and they'll be exactly what I expect. There aren't that many things like that anymore.

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Three Things We Currently Want from Shinola ...

Runwell chronograph
(with rubber strap), $800

Leather toothpick
, $6

Screwdriver set
(with black oxide finish),