Malted Madness


Last year, Gear Patrol held its first Malted Madness, an NCAA-style beer tournament featuring 64 craft brews. But this year, they're getting down off their high horse to judge the best of mass market beers. You know, the "generic, watery and cheap" stuff found at a 7-11, according to the self-described beer snobs. (Editor's Note: We're a little less picky, apparently, having never turned our noses up at an icy Budweiser or Corona.)


Their Expert
They've brought in Zach Mack, co-founder of New York's ABC Beer Co., to help five members of the GP staff judge the entire tournament.

In true Big Dance fashion, they've seeded a total of 34 beers into four divisions and starting today, they'll walk through the results from each beer division until they have a favorite domestic, import, specialty and light beer selected. Then these chosen four will match up in the Final Four on Friday.

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