Modern Bike Designs

The mobile gents at Cool Material have rounded up nearly a dozen bike concept designs and they have us hopeful for the future. Here's hoping some of these bikes eventually make it to the streets. Herewith three of our favorites.


The Merge

"The design is compact for the busy one-ways, but features built-in utilitarian pieces. A rear rack can pop out of the back when needed, and there's even a USB charging port."

Kit Bike

"Don't feel like tossing your two-wheeler on your shoulder to carry it around? Kit Bike comes apart and fits into a nifty little carrying case."



"This electric bike concept uses its unique frame to hide a battery, a small storage compartment for a laptop or iPad, and a bit more. It also features an integrated locking system."

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A Better Bike Kit

Whether you're a serious cyclist, a weekend warrior or just a guy who likes to pedal around town, there are a few essentials every cyclist needs. Why not invest in quality accessories like a theft-proof light and portable air pump for mid-ride flats.