Pulling Off Summer Patterns

FashionBeans has an extensive primer on summer's best prints and patterns along with a guide on how to wear them. "Offering an easy way for men to differentiate their traditionally stripped-back summer looks from one another while simultaneously adding a touch of personality to an outfit, the right print will have a positive effect on your warm weather wardrobe." Here are a few of our favorites.


The Modern Check

"Although checks can be found across all items (see above) this season, key pieces to keep your eye out for include checked outerwear (particularly cropped styles), tailoring and trousers."



"There is a wealth of geometric prints currently available on the market, although subtle patterns in subdued shades are the most wearable and will offer increased longevity."


Polka Dots

"Polka dots will always look classic and refined when applied as micro-dot prints to accessories and shirting. However, as proven at the SS15 fashion weeks, now is the time to keep your eye out for larger, more eye-catching circle motifs."

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Having a Moment: Subtle Florals

Real men aren't afraid of a little flower power. Today's floral prints are smaller, muted and a lot more subtle than you remember.