Speakeasy Drinks


Sometimes, while clicking away on the internet, you somehow find yourself on a site and you genuinely have no idea how you got there. Or maybe that's just me. In any case, I'm not exactly sure how I ended up on The Campground, but I'm glad it found me. It's the online home for the Kansas City speakeasy of the same name. "A covertly located guerrilla cocktail service that strives to bring good people together over food, fire and provisions," the site reads. "Our cocktails are a combination of steadfast classics and Campground originals; and only the finest ingredients are used to create our syrups, liqueurs and bitters."


All Plaidout's Max Wastler offered up a sneak peek into the speakeasy's small
shed-turned-bar last year.

And while you might not ever make it into the handsomely rustic backyard bar (see right), you can still whip up the inventive drinks they're pouring because they share the recipes on the blog. So grab some bottles, ready your garnishes and get mixing.

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