Street Style Inspiration

Fashion Week is now in full swing in New York and the first street style shots have started to make their way to the web, joining the European shots that we were already right-clicking and saving as reminders to step up our style game. Herewith, three fresh ways to upgrade your current wardrobe as seen on some of menswear's best-dressed guys.


popped collar
under a


The turtleneck sweater is an old school way to dress for the cold. But this adaptation, wearing a button-down under the sweater and letting the collar tips casually peek out, has a rakish, nouveau preppy vibe.

(Photos: Street FSN)


The kilt pin

Enameled pin,
$18 by RTH

Kilt pins, basically oversized safety pins, have been showing up on guys' lapels for a while, but this is a new way to wear them. And it takes some confidence to pull the look off. But it adds some real visual interest with the bold colors of the enameled pin, not to mention a solid way to keep cardigans and jackets closed.

(Photo: You Just Got Spotted)


The tonal

The simplest takeaway here is to simply pick one color and wear it from head to toe. You see, when you dress monochromatically, the texture and tailoring are all the more evident. So whether it's all deep, dark navy blues or various shades of grey, the end result has a cool and continental look.

(Photos: Four Pins and Street FSN)