Summer Style Mistakes

"Being a man in summer is a sartorial minefield," writes Will Hersey in this month's British Esquire. "Pitfalls and potential ridicule lurk at every turn." So he turned to the magazine's in-house style experts and most discerning female contributors to find out the biggest style screw-ups and turn-offs. The wrong turns that at best, make a man look uncomfortable; and at worst, undateable. The result is a practical guide on things for which you should be on the lookout. Here's just a sampling.



To Work ...

In theory, why not? In practice, because your legs are the color of printer paper and those shorts have a drawstring.

Too Short ...

Ask yourself: Are you really a hot pants kind of guy?


All-black Look

You may be in denial that the seasons have changed but you're making the rest of us feel hot.

A Sunburn
on Your Face

Sloppy. Raises basic questions of self-management. And women notice these things.

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The Five Minute Fix

Feeling grimy at the end of a long, hot day?
Prep a simple kit to keep handy—in your desk, your bag or your car—that allows you to clean up in just a few minutes.