This Week In Drinks

This week has been good to those of us who enjoy a good, stiff drink at the end of the day. Whether you're a beer man or fancy yourself more of a cocktail connoisseur, here are some of the best brewed stories, distilled for your convenience.


The Best Bars
in America

Esquire's 9th annual celebration of America's best bars presents an expansive list of those exceptional, harmonious, radiant, and occasionally unruly places to have a drink. This year's crawl starts on the West Coast, then meanders east.

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Call it a hard alcohol hybrid of sorts. Uncrate has the intel on the Middle West Spirits' Bourbon Barrel Honey Vanilla Vodka. "A unique creation distilled from red winter wheat and local wildflower honey with hints of fresh vanilla bean."

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In-Flight Cocktail Hacks

Long flight? In between dozing during movies and snacking on pretzels, here's how to make sure your cocktail game doesn't suffer, according to Bon Appétit editor Andrew Knowlton.


Foldable Six Pack

"There are plenty of wooden bar carriers on the market, but this one from Dropcatch is the first we've seen that collapses for easy storage and transport (when it's not filled with beer, obviously)," writes Cool Material's Ben Dahl. "It's made from pieces of lacquer-finished walnut and genuine leather, and the finishing touch is brass accents."

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Rye Beer

Men's Journal makes the case of why you should try rye beer now, especially if you like rye whiskey. "When added to beer, the grain creates similar characteristics̬spiciness, earthiness and a tartness that's reminiscent of pumpernickel bread. Rye beers run the gamut from sweet, smooth and malty to crisp and dry with a zing of bitter hops."

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