This Week In Drinks

This week has been good to those of us who enjoy a good, stiff drink at the end of the day. Whether you're a beer man, fancy yourself more of a bourbon connoisseur or prefer a solid cocktail, here are some of the best brewed stories, distilled for your convenience.

Beer Slushies!


Japan's Kirin Ichiban's legendary frozen beer foam can now be made in your home with their Beer Slushie Maker. Uncrate has the info on the amazing machine that promises to keep your brew frosty all summer long.

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Old Fashioned

The Daily Beast has a feature on the rise and fall of the old fashioned cocktail. "It started life as a 19th century pre-breakfast cocktail, endured a 13-year hiatus during Prohibition, then mutated into a 'tarted-up fruit salad.' But now it's back, remixed to cocktail glory."

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Bourbon for Breakfast?

Cool Material introduces us to the new Jim Beam-infused pancake syrup and shares an excellent idea involving ice cream.

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Lying Drunks


According to a new study of 40,000 participants, people severely underestimate (or straight up lie about) how much they drink. Read all about it at the Science of Us.

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Can It

For decades, canned beer was the stuff you bought cheap. But these days, when it comes to quality craft beer, cans are the new bottles according to this article by NPR. Of course, it could be said that bottles were, once upon a time, the new cans.

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