This Week In Drinks

This week's not yet over, but it's already been good to those of us who enjoy a good, stiff drink at the end of the day. Whether you're a beer man or fancy yourself more of a cocktail connoisseur, here are some of the best brewed stories, distilled for your convenience.


What Are You Drinking?

The New York Times has an amazing summer drinks guide where you provide the style and spirit and a bartender mixes up an easy-to-make cocktail. But be warned: playing around with this thing is a definite time suck.

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Double IPAs

Looking to expand your beer palate? Double IPAs offer the citrus hop and bready malt flavors of regular IPA, but amplified, and with plenty more complexity to spare. Gear Patrol presents ten of their favorites.

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"This is the summer of Suze," Andrew Knowlton, Bon Appetit's restaurant and drinks editor, declared in the July 2014 issue. So what exactly is Suze, anyway?

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Party Trick

First We Feast brings us this gem: A guy defying gravity and pouring a beer off his head.


A Whiskey Exposé

The Daily Beast has some shocking details on that craft rye whiskey you love. Many of the 'small-batch' distillers are actually buying their product from a large factory in Indiana.

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Crushed Ice

There's nothing quite as simultaneously relaxing and reviving as a well-made cocktail chilled to perfection over finely crushed ice. From mint juleps to a frosty gin-based watermelon drink, these 15 drinks from Saveur are perfect on a hot day.

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