This Week in Gear

Masculine, innovative finds from around the web that range from practical and affordable to lusty-worthy and ground-breaking.


A Swiss Army Pen?

Uncrate introduces us to the Monteverde Multi-Tool Stylus Pen. A writing implement that also features a stylus cap, both a philips and flathead screwdriver, a level and a ruler. "It's like a multi-tool for geeks."

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Grovemade Desktop Collection

Grovermade's new range of handsome, modern desk accessories was just released. Handcrafted in Oregon from walnut wood and vegetable tanned leather, they'll definitely up the cool factor of any workplace. Hypebeast has all the vitals.

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Gear Patrol has put together an expansive Nintendo vs Sega guide to old school video games. "Sure, they look simple by today's standards, but they make up for their 2D graphics and lack of cohesive narrative structures with innocent joy and addictiveness."


The Best Sound Money Can Buy

"Stellar audio is expensive, but asking about the price tag isn't the only way to hear the difference in quality," writes Erik Sofge in Men's Journal. "Here are the best models on the market for less than $500."

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The Great Digital-Friendly Outdoors

This week's "Gadgetwise" column tackles some camping amenities that are lightyears away from what we used in Boy Scouts. Like a camp-stove that can charge your iPhone, a water purifying bottle and a slew of portable solar powered pieces.

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