Andrew Romano

My fiancée and I are about to become homeowners—if that's the word for people who own tiny third-floor walkups—so I've spent the past few months scouring flea markets and websites for furnishings we actually like, meaning no more Target. This massive Rand McNally moon map (measuring 48" x 53.5") is my favorite find so far. The appeal is partly aesthetic: step back and it's a striking graphic; move closer and it's all these wonky little craters and canyons, detailed yet distant. The history is pretty amazing, too. Back in 1968, when the map was made, walking on the moon was still the stuff of fiction. A year later, it was fact. I love to imagine this thing helping a generation of geeky kids wrap their heads around the brave new world they'd inherited. If you're interested, similar posters crop up occasionally on eBay. But I bought ours, slightly weathered and lovingly mounted under glass, from Mr. Jeremy Hollingworth of Severely Vintage. Beautiful "cabin modern" furniture—think midcentury with warmth—at the fairest prices in town. Highly recommended.

Mordechai Rubinstein
Blogger, Mister Mort