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Aya Kanai

As a new LA resident, I'm currently enjoying the Dinner Party Download, a national public radio podcast produced here in downtown Los Angeles. In a nutshell, it's a quick audio burst of culture, cuisine and current events. Dry humor is one of life's finest pleasures in my book and food is not an uncommon passion either. So listening to hosts Brendan Francis Newnam and Rico Gagliano meld the two is a joyous occasion for me. Weekly, they describe everything from Korean BBQ taco trucks to the most rarefied of high-end fare with equal passion. One of my favorite moments was an interview with children from an after-school program who were making a magazine about food and one student did a review of Two Boots pizza! However, usually their interviews are with adults from the likes of historian Howard Zinn, to most recently Rich Fulcher, of the cult TV hit "The Mighty Boosh." If that wasn't enough, Brendan and Rico provide uncommon news items to be used as fodder to make you a hit at your next dinner party, hence the name. If one were truly challenged by the idea of cocktail party repartee, the DPD would be the perfect prescription. This 15 minutes slice of heaven really hits the spot. When I learned about it I listened to 14 episodes in a row, kind of like how I watched the first two seasons of "LOST" back to back when i found out about that. It's that good.

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