Hyden Hoo

Grant Woolhead

I'm constantly referencing art and photographic books for my work and I've been collecting them for years. They're one of my greatest pleasures and when I moved to New York two years ago, I put many of them into storage, but I missed them so much I've just had them all shipped over here. My favorite, the one I had to unpack first, is actually a collection of small books that comes in a black lacquered box given to me by Karl Largerfeld on the set of a photo shoot and is a work that he actually edited. There were only 1,500 of them produced, with written numbers scribed into the box. Mine has sentimental value, but I genuinely love the contrast of all of these books and the imagery within them—it's like a secret that somebody has let you into about the culture of the East. Some of the visuals are disturbing, some are thought provoking, some romantic and some are nostalgic, I actually have not read all of the essays but it's one of those things that if my house was on fire, it would be under one arm.

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