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Mordechai Rubinstein

I've been really pining for a good khaki suit. Not your typical drab cotton or olive sack suit worn by your average American businessman come summer. I'm talking about a nice double breasted number in a heavy twill. Perhaps a high waisted, tailored trouser and slightly faded jacket (both worn and washed to the hilt) with seams in the rear let out, and let out again, perhaps. The funny thing is, I wouldn't wear jeans that had been faux-mutilated to look vintage or worn, but I'd love to get a khaki suit made, tailored and treated as if I'd worn it since my bar mitzvah. I have a special love for double breasted jackets and the casualness of the khaki fabric would work well with every pant from dungaresss to khakis to a wool flannel trouser come fall. Ahh, I can feel that unlined high arm hole now ...

Aya Kanai