Michael Bastian
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Designer Pricing

Last week, Commerce With a Conscience posted a piece on the Felix shirts by Unis and mentioned the label's much buzzed-about chinos. A reader named Jason commented on the price of the pants, asking how and why those will set you back about $200 when you can find other pairs for $60. Eunice Lee, founder and designer of Unis, saw the post and commented back, thoughtfully explaining the manufacturing process (and other costs) for a small label manufacturing here in the states. It was a good exchange and in the end, Lee offered to gift a pair of the chinos to the commenter. Now, don't go trashing brands in site comments hoping to get free stuff, but we thought this was a worthy read.

You have chosen to buy cheaper, and companies have listened! They moved their production off shore,' says Lee. 'When you have so little manufacturing left in the USA, there are fewer factories who you can actually negotiate prices with.

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