The City Bag, Perfected
Moleskine's first foray out of the notebook game is an instant classic.

Get to Know Isaia

Sartorially Inclined checks in with Agyesh Madan, of the much buzzed-about Italian label Isaia, to get a little more intel on the brand and their spring/summer collection. Madan talks about Neapolitan dressing, what sets the label apart from other European brands and his own personal style philosophy. They even cover Isia's signature red coral lapel pin:

Legend has it that the brave Perseus rose to the occasion of slaying the Gorgon Medusa ... The blood of her slain head dripped into the water and transformed into what we know as Mediterranean red coral, forever a sign of good luck. And hence, the lapel pin is our wish for good luck for every customer that owns one of our jackets.

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Inside the New Freemans
Tour the Sporting Club's first barbershop outside of New York.