The Preppy Evangelist
Lisa Birnbach on her "Preppy Handbook" follow-up.

Alex Carelton

The Cut catches up with Rogues Gallery founder and L.L. Bean Signature creative director Alex Carelton in the latest edition of their Tastemakers series. While he talks about the future of Rogues, his recent collaboration with John Bartlett and his eBay obsession, we particularly appreciate the way he describes his personal style:

I might wear a pair of old chinos that I've been working in with a newer blue blazer from Old England in Paris and a chambray shirt from L.L. Bean. I think it's very much about mixing geography and eras, but putting it together in your own way. It's very natural—I don't think I look like I'm making a statement.

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Mark McNairy
The designer's new affordable footwear.