The Camo Button-Down
A hands on review of Hamilton's camouflage shirt.

Corter Leather

Free/Man catches up with Eric Heins, the founder of up and coming leather brand Corter, who cuts and sews every piece by hand in his small Boston studio. And while the company "is very much in its infancy, Eric's portfolio still manages to include a wide range of items such as wallets, lanyards, laptop sleeves and bags." When asked about his inspiration for pieces, the young Mr. Heins provides a thoughtful response.

I guess I'm most inspired by the thought of seeing one of my pieces again when I'm older, after it's maybe been around the world or even stayed in the same pocket in the same town, just seeing how it's changed. That's also why I use a lot of natural leather—I want it to show its age and tell its story.

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Nigel Cabourn
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