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Volume 1

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The Essential Carry-On

The extra fees. The time spent waiting at baggage claim. And that's assuming the bag will be there when you land. The only way to pack nowadays is within the 45 linear inches allowed by the FAA.


Here are our top five suggestions for flying with style.


Wear your heaviest shoes. Pack one other pair (in shoe bags, or at least plastic bags) at the bottom of your suitcase.


Give up some options. That means one navy blazer (which will serve as your jacket too) or if you need a suit, a light gray one (that can be mixed up and worn dozens of ways).


Wear a cardigan. Planes are notoriously cold. This slips on or off with ease, can be balled up into a makeshift pillow and looks a hell of a lot more stylish than a track jacket. ($218, at J.Crew)


Dark jeans are every traveler's friend. Go ahead and spill, no one will notice. (APC, $155, at Tobi)


Fold clothes. Roll underwear. Stuff rolled socks into shoes and use rolled undershirts and boxers to fill in all available space around stacks of shirts and pants.


How large is
45 linear inches?

L + W + D
≤ 45"


Keep a dopp-kit stocked with travel-sized products. Here's what to pack.

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