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Fix Your Pants on the Fly

Maybe you've just pulled on some new pants. Maybe the hem on a pair of trusty trousers has simply ripped. There are a number of reasons why the pants you want to wear right now are a bit too long, but you're just three steps from pants that fit.


Put on the pants. Then fold the cuff of one leg under until it's at the desired length. Ideally, the hem of the fabric should just touch the top of your shoe. Stand up and take a look in the mirror. Look okay?


Using tape (double-sided is preferred, but regular can be used as well), secure the fold in the front, back and, if necessary, two sides.


Carefully take off your pants, minding the tape, and replicate the folds and taping on the other leg. Run a medium-heat iron over the edge of the fold to create a crease for the cuff, while helping the tape bond to the fabric better.



When out, remember not to make any sudden moves. Leave the tape on the pants and take them to the tailor have them sewn up.


This is a great way to try out the ankle-flashing style this spring without hacking up pants permanently or dropping a few grand on a Thom Browne suit.

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