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A Guy's Guide to Flowers

Whether picking them up for a date, your mom or yourself, the art of buying flowers is one not easily mastered. So we asked florist Brent Wang, owner of Eggs in Los Angeles, and the man behind the bouquets for guys like Will Smith and movie producer Joel Silver, for some botanical advice from the ground up.

Eggs, Los Angeles, 213.308.1803


For You

One bloom in a vase adds sufficient color and life to an apartment. "It's more about quality than quantity when dressing a bachelor pad. One simple flower, like an orchid plant or blooming artichoke, is certainly more stylish for a man than say a bunch on a coffee table. Keep it simple and modern."


For Them

When in doubt, ask. "I always suggest nonchalantly inquiring into the receiver's floral taste. This can be achieved by commenting on something you see or asking what other flowers the recipient favors." Hint: Ask now and be prepared for V-day.


Don't have much cash? "A large single flower is ideal when arriving for a date. Make an impact with an amaryllis or a peony."


Impress Mom by going big. "Moms and grandmothers respond to scale. Ask for white china mums. They're round, fluffy and inexpensive. Long stem roses were last in vogue in the '50s. If you want roses, go with a shorter, tightly packed arrangement, (known as pauve roses) are in. Plus, it's cheaper."



Everyone raises prices on roses for Valentine's Day, from growers to wholesalers. Some in season alternatives Wang suggests? Renunculas, vanda mokara orchids or tulips.

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