Week 4: Jan. 26-31

We've got a winner. Meet Valet reader and the fourth winner of our weekly giveaway.

  • Name: Aaron
  • Location: Boston
  • Style: Trendy/classic
  • Things I Splurge On: El Rey dark chocolate by the pound
  • Drink of Choice: Bulleit
  • Favorite '31 Days' Tip: A Guy's Guide to Flowers

Week 3: Jan. 19-25

  • Name: Kirk R.
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Style: Classic Prep
  • Things I Splurge On: Jeans, shrink to fit or bust
  • Drink of Choice: Any cold Sam Adams
  • Favorite '31 Days' Tip: Take Care of Your Kicks. Good, simple advice for someone who can never have enough shoes in the closet.

Week 2: Jan. 12-18

  • Name: Jason
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Style: Ivy Hipster
  • Things I Splurge On: Wing tips, eyeglass frames
  • Drink of Choice: Whiskey neat, but I feel most passionately about Diet Coke.
  • Favorite '31 Days' Tip: How to Tie a Bow Tie

Week 1: Jan. 5-11

  • Name: Samuel K.
  • Location: East Texas
  • Style: Classic
  • Brand You'll Never Compromise On: Moleskines
  • Drink of Choice: An extra-hot, extra-dry, non-sweetened cappucino.
  • Favorite '31 Days' Tip: Day two, When to Wash It, is my favorite tip so far since it did a really good, succinct job of explaining what to wash when. I use that tip now almost every day.

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