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Volume 3

All the tips and tricks needed to shape up for 2011. Each day brings new, expert advice on how to look your best and live life to the fullest, while having a little fun doing it.


Organize Your Closet

It's a new year and we're (slowly) transitioning from one season to the next. And a well organized closet will not only allow you to better know what you have, but it will make getting dressed in the morning easy and efficient.

Getting started.

Take an inventory of what you have and what you wear. If you can't fit into something any longer or haven't worn it in over a year, you don't need to hang onto it. Donate it. If you've got three pairs of Chuck Taylors and only wear two, well, you know what to do.

The space issue.

Not everyone is blessed with a walk-in closet. Store out-of-season items out of the way so that everything isn't stuffed and piled on top of one another. Just make sure the clothes are clean before they're boxed up

Like goes with like.

This is a big one for closet organizers. Everything has a place. Choose a grouping system that works for you—we suggest by type (button downs, T-shirts, jackets, sweaters—and then by color if you really want to know your options instantly.

Know when to fold 'em.

While you should hang anything that might wrinkle easily, you can fold and stack items like T-shirts, sweaters and jeans. Try to avoid making any stack higher than six items. Keep ties, scarves and watches orderly and dust-free in a drawer.


Planning Dimensions

Short items: 42" from rod to floor.
Long items: 84" from rod to floor.
Folded items: 1 sq. foot.


Your pants shouldn't be hanging on wire hangers from the dry cleaners. Here's our guide to the right kind to keep clothes and closets looking good.


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