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Personal Care

Stop Sweating

If you're not wearing mesh shorts, you probably shouldn't be sweating. Besides being messy and malodorous, perspiration is seen as nervousness (whether you're actually nervous or not). These are not the attributes you want when you're wearing a button down shirt or sitting across from the boss or worse, a date. Whether you've got some overactive glads or simply sweat when you're warm, here's what you need to keep the drips at bay.



With the same wetness protection as prescription antiperspirants, this deodorant has bacteria-fighting microcapsules and skin-soothing ingredients safe enough for sensitive skin. Gillette Clinical Strength, $8

When even the best antiperspirants and undershirts fail, stick these discreet cotton discs inside sleeves to soak up sweat. Garment Guard, $15 (for five pairs)


A few drops of this non-sticky serum essentially shuts down sweat glads for up to five hours. There's also DriAid, an aluminum-free formula, that also works on feet. Dry Touch Hands, $10


Anyone going sockless should be familiar with this age-old remedy. The cooling medicated powder absorbs moisture and odors. Gold Bond Triple Action powder, $8

Bamboo fabric not only wicks away moisture, but its natural antimicrobial properties can prevent bacteria from stinking up your shoes. Calvin Klein bamboo blend socks, $12



Men sweat twice as much as women.


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