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Volume 3

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Eradicate Wrinkles

Last year, we showed you the perfect way to iron a shirt. But sometimes you simply want to remove a few creases, not press your clothes to a crisp finish. For those days, a steamer is a sartorial lifesaver—and much more effective than hanging your jacket near a hot shower. Now you don't need the large, wheeled contraption you see at stores. A handheld option like Rowenta's will do just fine and is much easier to handle. Think of it as a preppy power drill.

Handheld steambrush, $30 at Amazon


How to: Steam with Ease

  • Be careful. Steam is about 200° F.
  • For best results, steam clothes right before wearing them.
  • Lightly brush fabric with the steamer head, allowing steam vapors to pass through the material.
  • Utilize gravity and weight by hanging pants by the cuffs.
  • Avoid drips by keeping steamer upright and perpendicular to the floor.


When you can't get to an iron or steamer, this quick spray makes for a handy back up. We've had multiple stylists tell us that it's a life saver on remote jobs.

$5, at Kmart


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