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Volume 4

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Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk has taken on this bad connotation of coupon-clipping hoarders loading up their shopping carts with five-gallon jugs of mayonnaise at a discount warehouse store. But in reality, buying some items in multiples is a smart practice that can save you a lot of time and trouble. Here are a few:


Have two (or even three) sets of matching sheets in constant rotation. They'll last longer and make laundry day simpler. And should you have an unexpected overnight visitor, you'll have fresh bedding in a matter of minutes. (This logic can be applied to your towels as well.)

Grooming Products

Waking up to the realization that you've run out of deodorant or shaving cream just plain sucks. Ensure a good morning by purchasing these kinds of medicine cabinet staples two at a time. When you run out of your last one, grab the back up and make a note to buy two more. You'll never be without soap or hair product again.


Like with grooming products, you always think you've got more at home than you really do. And running out of maple syrup mid-waffle is grounds for a bad mood the rest of the day. Again, buy pairs of your favorite brands.

Style Staples

Obviously, you don't want or need multiples of everything in your closet, but if you've found a favorite oxford cloth button-down or a particular T-shirt that feels great and fits perfectly, feel free to buy a few in different colors. The same goes for your go-to jeans. They'll last longer and they're the kind of timeless pieces that you can build different looks around.


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