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Personal Care

Hand & Feet Maintenance

They're the parts of your body you use most, but oftentimes they're the parts most neglected. Of course, proper maintenance requires a certain balance—you don't want to look like you ignore these important appendages, but you don't want to look like you spend too much time fussing over them either. Herewith, a simple guide to hand and feet care.


Long nails make you look at best, lazy or at worst, a recluse who rarely leaves the house. Jagged, chewed-up nails make you look like an animal. In the shower, push back your cuticles (the skin-like tissue covering the base of the nail) using the back of your thumbnail. After your shower, while the nails are still soft, trim them with a pair of quality clippers (right). The white tip of the nail should be no longer than the width of a dime. Any shorter and you won't be able to pick up a dime. Filing down the corners of the nails isn't necessary but offers a nice, professional finish.

Tweezerman makes a fine stainless steel set for $10 that comes with free sharpening for life. The toe clipper makes straighter cuts, while the smaller version for hands makes slightly rounded cuts.

Zwilling makes a handy and durable ceramic nail file, $10, that retains its grit nicely and folds up like a pocket knife.


No one will notice your nails if your hands are red, cracked and dry. A daily application of an emollient hand cream is the easiest way to keep hands healthy and smooth. There are great men's creams out there: Jack Black's Hand Healer, Porter's Lotion and Ahava's ginger-infused hand cream are three hard working options. The best time to apply hand cream? Just before you go to bed.


Amenity's Foot Spray, $32, is a popular one-stop product that minimizes odor and sweat, exfoliates and moisturizes cracked skin, and softens calluses. Plus, the locking spray cap is great for a gym bag.

Feet are often forgotten when it comes to grooming—especially in the winter. But you don't want to frighten people when your shoes come off. After a shower, sand off any rough patches of skin or calluses with a pumice stone, which you can get at any drugstore. Keep ingrown toenails at bay by cutting nails straight across.



Fingernails grow about 0.1 millimeter a day, which means that it takes about five months to fully regenerate.


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