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Personal Care

Wake Up Skin

Perhaps you're not getting enough sleep at night (who is, right?). Maybe you're simply feeling the effects of the weather. Or you could've been out late imbibing in a few too many. Our point is this: No matter the reason why, there are mornings you wake up and your skin looks a little ... rough. But it's not difficult to revive a fatigued face with this simple morning routine.


In case you've forgotten, a glass or two of room temperature water first thing in the morning is great for your skin (and helps your kidneys rid the body of any toxins). It also jump starts your metabolism and helps you wake up.


Green Tea scrub, by Urth Skincare

In the shower, let the pore-opening properties of that steam work to your advantage and use a facial scrub. It not only sloughs off dead skin, but the stimulation will bring some fresh color to dull, tired skin.


Victory Moisturizer, by Portland General Store

Look for a lotion with invigorating ingredients to rouse sleepy skin. This minty moisturizer, packed with tea tree oil and menthol, has a subtle but stimulating scent with a similarly potent effect on your skin. And bonus, it's got SPF too.


Bright Eyes

Ditch the bags and dark circles with an eye cream specially formulated for the skin around a man's eyes. This one's cooling metallic tip makes for a refreshing end to bleary, puffy eyes.

Power Brightening Balm, by Lab Series






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