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The Speed Dial Essentials

They're the numbers you'll never think about until you need them. But when the time comes—to get you out of a foreign prison, grab a cab out in the middle of Utah or to find out who's got the best deal in town—you'll be glad you took the time to prepare. Do yourself a favor, and program these babies into your phone now. You can thank us later.


A quick 411 call can cost as much as two bucks. And if you can't look up a number online, give Bing's free 411 service a call. Not only can it find the listing you're looking for 99% of the time, the service also offers turn-by-turn driving directions, traffic reports, the most affordable gas nearest to you and even sports scores. 1.800.246.4411

The State Department

Yeah, it might sound like something out of Tom Clancy novel. But think of it this way. If you're out of the county, and have any trouble (from hassles at customs or medical emergencies to arrests or abductions) these are the people you want just a phone call away. The U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs' Overseas Citizens Services, 202.501.4444


Credit card stolen? The number to call on the back of the card isn't doing you much good now, is it?

  • Visa: 800.847.2911
  • Master Card: 800.622.7747
  • Discover: 800.347.2683
  • American Express: 800.992.3404

Seems easy enough, but who knew? While it may be easy to grab a cab in some urban areas no matter the time, this nationwide service hooks you up with a locally-owned cab company in seconds, no matter where you are. There's even referrals for airport shuttles or car services, should you so desire. 1.800.451.6092


You hear a song. You bop your head, but you have no idea who it is and it's driving you crazy. Or maybe you just want to download it later. Well this handy number can name that tune ... in 15 seconds. Dial it up, hold the phone as close to the speaker as possible and wait. The service scrolls through more than two and half million songs and sends you the artist and track title in a text. First one's free, the rest are 99 cents. 1.866.411.7664

A Local Locksmith

Do the research now and find someone in your area that can open a variety of house and car locks. That way when you're stuck outside, in the rain, you won't be scrambling for who to call.


An ICE (In Case of Emergency) number is a number programed into your mobile phone as a chosen contact to call, should you be unresponsive (as in ICE-wife, ICE-dad). The program was created by paramedics in 2005, and is now widely used by EMTs, police and hospital staff to notify families and friends.

A Colleague's Office Number

Hopefully, you won't have to worry about the office when you're away, say on the golf course or on vacation at the beach. But perhaps you forgot something. Or need to to confirm a fax went through or simply say you're taking one more day. For those occasions when an email just won't do, you'll be glad you've got your lunch buddy's desk line.


Perhaps not an emergency number, but one you'll be happy to have when shopping for the best deal on your next high definition flat panel TV. Wondering if the price you see in the store is best? Dial FruCall and type in the product's UPC bar code number. It comes back with the best price online (including shipping to your zip code). 1.888.363.7822


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